CURRENT OFFICERS & MEMBERS (updated 7/25/16)

​​​WU2T John,”Rusty” Kirkpatrick, 2016 Field Day Director
K1IT Greg Lambert
K4SSM Ron  Malone, Co-President
KD4S Dick McClain
AG3R Pete Moyes
KF4BY Stan Nafziger
W4HKZ Ken Norton, Treasurer

AJ4QA Steven Parrish
KF1P Bob Partain
KK4YBP Don Reeder, Secretary
N0TR Tom Rouse
KM4RIU Steven Schnaubelt

N4MMW Jimmie Shaver
W3CD Wayne Ulrich

​KD8YRG Enrique Urrea

​KZ4M Tom Walton

W2SGT Tim Walton
N2OSB Laurie Warner
W4RCW Carl Whitaker
W4EEY Gary Wise


FIELD DAY 2017- June 25-26, LATEST NEWS

GARC established a club record  8323 points, running as a 2A (two transmitter club station) and a Get on the Air (GOTA) station.  The Field Station of K4SV operating as 2A placed 12th in the country, 2nd in the Roanoke Division and 1st in SC

Greg lambert makes qso to enter ranks of the Honor Roll

On the first day of the DXpedition - Greg K1IT makes 2 QSOs with TO2SP for the 330th DXCC entity.  At some point the contacts will be confirmed in LOTW

TOM rouse n0tr awarded dxcc on 80m

BILL N4IQ AWARDED DXCC ON 160M (11/29/2017)

Dave K4SV Awarded honor roll on digital dxcc (11/30/17)


Dave Anderson K4SV #1 Honor Roll Mixed, Honor Roll for CW, Phone, Digital

George Hall W4BUW  #1 Honor Roll Mixed, Honor Roll Phone

Phil Pflorig W9IXX #1 Honor Roll Mixed, Honor Roll for CW, Phone, Digital

Paul Greaves W4FC  #1 Honor Roll Mixed, Honor Roll for CW and Phone

​K4SV Dave Anderson, President
WB4OQL Ron Beaver

Howard Bowen
KM4VIZ Matt Case
N4IQ Bill Chartier
KD4UO Bill Doig
W9BN Ray Drause
W9QP John Dziedziejko
W9IXX Phil Florig
NC4SC John Foster
KJ4TID Dan Galt

KM4VJC Judy Galt
W4NGU Phil Gardner
W4FC Paul Greaves
WB4LFM Tim Greaves
W4BUW George Hall
KB4OT James Hicks
W4ILY Ellis Huguley (SK)
KE4EA David  Ivey
KS4VJ Vicki Ivey
NY4G Ariel Jacala, Webmaster

Club 2m Repeater  - 146.940 PL Tone 107.2