Club 2m Repeater  - 146.940 PL Tone 107.2

Dave K4SV has been the president of the Greer Club for the past 10 years (at least) and has been the main driving force for the Club, driven by his passion for amateur radio in general and for DXing in particular.  Dave originally came from California and when he established his business in North Carolina in the early 90's, he rekindled his passion for DX chasing in a big way.  His home is in Tryon NC and his choice of QTH is essential for his success in addition to his many operating skills.   His home is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains and his a multi-acre parcel that accomodates his very impressive antenna farm which includes many beverages for low band receive, a four square for 80m, a full size vertical for 160m, and a multi-band SteppIr DB42 with 3 elements on 40m, and 4 elements on 20-6m,  He is among the world renowned top banders with 295 DXCC on 160m and a count very close to that on 80m,  He is on the #1 Honor Roll for Mixed Mode, CW, and Sideband and Honor Roll for Digital.  He is closing in on 3000 DXCC entities to earn the DeSoto Cup.   He has been given the Distinguised Service Award from the ARRL Roanoke Division for his giving back to the hobby he loves.  He has participated in 25 DXpeditions from 2000 to 2013 which includes very rare entities such as Bhutan A50A in 2000, Baker and Howland Islands K1B in 2002, and Peter1 - 3Y0X in 2006.   

He is helpful and generous with his knowledge and equipment.   He helped me build my Bayou Jumper (paraset replica)  transceiver and steered me towards the right type of antenna for low band DXing.  We have used his K3's for as many Field Days as I can remember.  He has helped many build beverage antennas for help other club members get better reception in the low bands.  

Dave is also the lead organizer for W4DXCC - the annual DX and Contesting convention organized by the Southeast DX Convention (SEDCO).

There are probably not enough words for a short dissertation to enumerate all of Dave's contributions to advance the hobby.  If you want to get to know him better, come to our club meetings,  Dave is a great guy and passionate about amateur radio.  His web site K4SV.net is very informative.  Thank You Dave for your leadership over the years.